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Too Good to be True? No, Ventelo’s Avaya Interaction Centre pays for itself in 8 months

Norwegian telecommunications service provider Ventelo has been through a period of exponential growth over the past eight years. It was operating via a diversity of systems with little or no integration, no standard reporting tools and a complex paper trail. Ventelo needed one efficient system that could operate across its consumer, business and delivery units, managing all contacts and providing multimedia handling and a consistent reporting functionality.

Ventelo has implemented a solution based on Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya Interaction Center to provide a single platform for all its telephony and contact center needs. All calls from multiple platforms are now routed via Ventelo’s own network using Communication Manager, resulting in significant cost savings. The Avaya Interaction Center has automated Ventelo’s voice, email and fax enquiries, eliminating a complex paper trail and improving staff efficiency.

Value Created
• Achieved a return on investment within eight months

• Enabled significant cost reductions of up to 150000 NoK (€ 18000) each month in traffic costs that are now routed over the Ventelo network

• Improved staff efficiency substantially, allowing the same number of enquiries to be handled in less time with 30% fewer agents

• Call waiting time on consumer calls are now less than half what they were. Improved call waiting times by more than 40%

• Provides a consistent reporting functionality across the three business units using Operational Analyst and Cognos

• Provides intelligent, personalized interactions with customers by automatically presenting agents with all the customer details necessary to complete each call, as well as qualifying the call using Voice Portal

• More productive internal collaboration by providing all contacts in one application and an automated assignment of cases to individual agents (vs. cherry picking before the Avaya solution was implemented)

• Enables faster linkage of people, processes and resources by providing an automated service for voice, fax and email enquiries and eliminating an inefficient paper trail and lost customer requests

• Results in more agile, secure and reliable operations by routing calls over its own network and in-built system redundancy that ensures customer calls are never lost in case of a system failure

More Productive Internal Collaboration and Increased Staff Efficiency
“We are doing the same job with less people with much better efficiency,” says Johnsen. In just 6 months, Ventelo has reduced call waiting times and email backlog and is operating with 30% fewer agents. Response times have halved from more than 4 minutes to just over 2 minutes and that number is continuing to drop.The same applies to the average email backlog. All this has been achieved despite a significant reduction in the size of the agent pool.

An Easily Scaleable Solution that Allows for Growth
The Communication Manager and Interaction Center solutions are easily scaleable – something absolutely necessary for a growing service provider like Ventelo. The current agent pool size is 150. With their existing configuration, this can grow to 400 without any significant hardware investments – and up to 2000 with minimal costs in hardware.

• Avaya Communication Manager
• Avaya Interaction Center
• Operational Analyst
• Business Advocate
• Voice Portal
• Callback

• Avaya Communication Manager
• Avaya Business Consulting
• Custom Application development