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Trade :ASPIRE Sports Academy Case Study

ASPIRE Sports Academy Utilizes Avaya IP Telephony Solutions to Inspire Excellence

Lay the foundation for a robust communications network for a new campus that would provide mobility, interoperability with other equipment/software, flexibility for growth in a short implementation time.

Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software, with features and capabilities such as Extension to Cellular, IP  Desktop Telephones and IP Softphones provides a highly stable infrastructure that interoperates well with other systems and “Best of Breed” technology.

Value Created
• Consistent ASPIRE-branded Customer Experience that will distinguish this Academy for its excellence in educational and athletic performance

• Intelligent, Personalized Interactions with Staff and Students that will provide the highest international standards of sports sciences, training and support

• Faster Linkage of People, Processes and Resources that will provide an exceptional physical and educational environment

• More Agile, Secure and Reliable Operations that provided deployment in a timeframe that exceeded expectations

Technology Integral to Sports Training
Key to ASPIRE’s goals for sporting success is the use of technology to improve training and performance. ASPIRE envisions an integrated sports education environment that links different elements of the training program for a holistic approach to sports technology. ASPIRE aims to connect their student database to a broad range of other systems, such as training and medical equipment, to make the information accessible from anywhere on campus. Staff will be able to capture an athlete’s training sessions and send the information to the central database; then analyze the data and create better training programs to improve performance.

“Technology has become an integral part of sport. There is so much science involved to help athletes to reach the next level of performance, but elsewhere we only see bits and pieces of technology deployed without being connected together,” explained Soubih Abdulkarim, IT Manager of ASPIRE. “What we are trying to do is to integrate all of the various techhnologies into one system. We aim to provide the latest technology tools to support our staff, and to connect them together with a level of integration that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

The Challenge: Multi Platform Integration
The key to the high-tech environment envisioned by ASPIRE is a robust, flexible communication infrastructure. The Academy follows a best of breed approach, so interoperability with other vendors is very important. For its voice and data requirements, ASPIRE decided upon IP telephony because it facilitates network flexibility, extended applications, business continuity, increased productivity and cost savings. ASPIRE chose Avaya followwing an assessment of several vendors, since in addition to providing solutions that supported these features and benefits, the company is committed to providing customers with investment and the highest levels of reliability.

Campus Wide Connectivity
In the first phase of the Academy’s development plans, the Avaya Media Server and a number of Avaya G650 Gateways connect administration buildings, dormitories, restaurants and academic facilities, and drive Avaya Communication Manager over ASPIRE’s wired and wireless data network.

At the desktop level, faculty and staff use Avaya 4620 and Avaya 4630 model IP telephones. While on the move around campus Avaya 3616 wireless telephones keep them connected. The Avaya IP Softphone application will be used on notebook PCs and PDAs to provide another flexible, mobility solution. At present there are approximately 200 users on the campus network. However, with the completion of phase two of the Academy, which includes the stadium, Olympic swimming pool and sports pitches, the number of users will grow rapidly.

A New Solution that is Fast and Flexible
As the Academy’s opening date drew near, the rapid delivery of the solutions was critical.

Avaya Communication Manager offers users many different features and benefits that go far beyond simple telephony. Services such conference calling and directory services can be easily managed from the Avaya handsets, while integrated solutions such as voicemail and Extension-To-Cellular allow the staff to stay in touch and to have all of the features as if they were at their desks even as they move around the campus. Extension to Cellular simultaneously links deskktop

calls and features to a users cell phone. ASPIRE is also looking at rolling out more of the 700-plus features available with Avaya IP telephony to increase productivity and connectivity for its staff.

“The solution gives us the flexibility to manage our telephony infrastructure ourselves, our total cost of ownership (TCO) is drastically reduced and we have complete freedom to do as we please,” said Abdulkarim. “It is a new system, with a lot of features that we will have to test, to find the features that are most meaningful to our users, but we plan to investigate and adopt those as we go on. We see lots of bennefits from a tightly integrated unified messaging system, and thanks to the Avaya solutions we are able to adopt new features and explore the potential in future.”